Monday, June 15, 2015

The Beauty of Buttercream

I know it seems like ages that I posted anything on this blog but its just that a lot has happened to my life and cake decorating hobby took a long hiatus. I have been making cakes but more of the Swiss Meringue Buttercream ( SMBC ) kind.

Before I used to think that soft icing like Boiled Icing ( which I am used to having as a child ) will never add a classy, clean or fancy finish to cakes. This was the very reason why I fell in love with Fondant cake in the first place. But lately with the advent of Pinterest it seems that my impression was changed.

Although some of the cakes that I will be sharing are not mine  , I just want to show that soft icing ( like SMBC covered kinds ) can be just as beautiful and appealing as the Fondant covered type. 

The first cake is a rosette cake covered in SMBC. This cake may seem intimidating but the technique is quite simple. Practice is key.

This cake is an #AdventureTimeCake covered in SMBC.
And I like to note that the toppers ( #Finn&Jakecake) on this cake are actually candy melt silhouette which I am hoping to make tutorial in my future posts.

By the way these were all made by my sister and she too is a novice in cake making. So i think with practice and research you can really create beautiful cakes with soft icing, no experience needed.

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