Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How it all started

Cakes...hmmm...let me see..probably my fascination of cakes started when I was a little girl and one beautiful birthday cake memory. This cake was buttercream,one sheet cake with a doll in a gown as a cake topper. Sad to say this birthday was one of my undocumented birthdays, so no pictures. But the I remember this certain cake that will i guess be forever be my first definition of what a beautiful cake should be. And that time being faced with a beautiful sweet piece of confection was simply overwhelming. 

In my previous cake encounters, I was not very exposed to many beautiful cakes in the past prior to my cousin's wedding. It was the most beautiful,classy and elegant cake that my eyes had laid on. Since then my picture perfect standard for a cake changed. 


  1. Hi Wonder woman! I would like to congratulate you for making such a nice fondant cake, it was an achievement for a newbie like you. Keep up your good work !

  2. Thanks for a very nice message. you made me smile today :)